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Photo of a beagle looking at the camera with their paw in a woman's hand.

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Subject: mysterious nighttime injury

I woke up this morning with a mysterious gash down the side of my leg. 

Well, it’s not that mysterious. This has been happening for months. I’m being attacked in my sleep by the sharpest talons you’ve ever seen!

The culprit? 

Three furry beagles who haven’t had a proper nail trim since the beginning of quarantine. 

Yes, I let my dogs sleep in my bed. Don’t judge me. (Or do judge me, I don’t care. My dogs are fantastic snugglers.) 

The problem is that I absolutely despise clipping their nails. The sound of the nail crunching between the clipper blades. The fear that I’m going to accidentally hurt them. The chaos unleashed when one beagle tells the others what is about to go down. 

It’s a miserable experience. 

I used to pay a local groomer to clip their nails for me. But they are currently closed, and I can’t find a mobile groomer that charges less than $100 per dog for a home visit! 

“There’s no way in hell I’m paying someone $300 to trim their nails when I can do it myself,” I say to Jonathan in my best don’t-argue-with-me voice.

Guess what?

It’s been four months, and I haven’t done it myself. I have the wounds to prove it.

How exactly does this relate to your business? Let me explain… 

We all have that one thing we hate doing in our business that we stubbornly refuse to pay someone else to do for us. We tell ourselves that it isn’t worth the money and make futile promises to do it first thing next week! 

Spoiler alert: You’re not going to do it first thing next week.

You’re going to spend more time thinking about the thing, dreading the thing, and feeling guilty about not having done the thing than it would take you to actually do the thing

Outsourcing is the key ingredient to growing a profitable and sustainable business. 

I know this, you know this, and yet we still struggle to pay someone to do the damn thing.

Write back and tell me: What is the one thing you hate doing that you wish you would pay someone to do for you?

I know it isn’t related to my business, but I’m going to bite the bullet and pay the mobile groomer to trim these little beasts’ nails. I’ll sleep better and save money on Neosporin! 

I’m excited to hear about your thing too. 



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